Social Innovation


Interested in learning how to design and construct pedal-powered machines? The School of Appropriate Bici-Technology is looking for applicants to its summer session from June 6-July 29, in San Andrés, Guatemala. Students from all over the world will study side-by-side with Carlos Marroquin, a world leader in pedal-powered technology, in designing and manufacturing pedal-powered machines. 

Scholarships are also available for students from lower and middle-income countries to study in this exciting program.

Learn more and apply by March 31st here!


Calling all MIT students: are you an aspiring innovator or social entrepreneur? Are you interested in receiving funding and mentorship opportunities to gain important hands-on experience in developing an innovation? Consider applying for the Sandbox Innovation Fund program, an initiative of MIT that seeks to foster innovation and innovators on campus. 

Learn more and apply here!

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