Opportunities for Faculty

The learning at IDDS happens just as much outside of the classroom as it does inside the classroom.  One limiting factor for increasing the number of IDDS is the number of available volunteer academic faculty who enjoy teaching both inside and outside the classroom as well as:

  • Teach hands-on design and/or engineering
  • Have field experience working with local communities
  • Have experience creating curriculum and coordinating instructors
  • Are available to co-instruct at the summit 2-4 weeks and up to a year prior for weekly planning meetings
  • Share the IDDS Spirit and co-creative philosophy to make the world a better place

If you are a faculty member who identifies with the criteria above and are interested in volunteering as an co-lead instructor for a future summit, please contact the IDIN Summits Coordinator with:

  • A copy of your CV or resume including pictures of any projects you would like to share
  • A brief description about yourself, your interests, and what type of summit you would like to be involved with