At IDDS, we do not have spectators—we have participants.

As a participant, you will learn about the local culture and current issues, the collaborative design process, and work together in diverse teams of 6-8 people to co-create a prototype of a low-cost solution that addresses a current international development challenge. A typical summit has 5-7 teams in total.

Because there are many people who want to participate in IDDS and few spaces available, each person who is interested to attend must apply.  Each summit opens their participant applications about nine months before a summit and closes the applications about seven months before a summit. Applicants are notified 5-6 months before the summit if they have been selected, and then they are given the opportunity to apply for financial assistance if necessary. Note: financial assistance is limited and funding is typically distributed to those with greatest need.

If you would like to participate in IDDS, check for open applications or browse upcoming summits!