Organizer Toolbox

For those who are organizing a summit, IDIN has a suite of resources availble to help you co-create the summit of your hopes and dreams:

  • IDDS Prep Book - a series of fun discussion sheets to help guide you through the right questions you and your team will need to talk about and decide on together as you co-create your summit.  As with any design, these are always being reiterated to include current user feedback.  Stay tuned for updates :)
  • IDDS Design Workbook + Design Facilitator Google Hangouts - this series of google hangouts walks you through the elements of design facilitaton in line with the IDDS Design Workbook.  We are currently in the process of adding more topics as well as adding brief video and/or PPT summaries for each live hangout for more convenient viewing. 
  • IDDS Toolkit - an organizers-eyes-only toolkit that includes links to the magic of past IDDS powerpoints, creative lesson plans, and coveted supplementary materials (like the working styles worksheet, team charter template, etc.). 
  • IDIN Staff Support - a list of all the IDIN staff and what type of support they provide to summits.
  • IDDS Lessons Learned - a prized collection of the lessons learned from past summits.  Might be worth taking a glance at before you begin planning ;)
  • Connections to the Network - a list of ways to reach out to the fellow IDIN members across the globe for whatever your need may be!
  • Documentation Expectations - we want to keep sharing the love with the rest of IDDS.  Here are the 5 things we need by 2 weeks after a summit to help IDDS continue to learn and grow.