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Are you interested in sustainable development? Are you passionate about the inclusion of local and indigenous communities in sustainable development policy and initiatives? La Mano del Mono, an organization focused on preventing environmental degradation through environmental education and ecotourism, is looking for a Community Manager.

Learn more and fill out the application for the Community Manager position here.

Please note that this position is unpaid, but IDIN may be able to contribute a minimal amount of financial support should a successful match be made.


Are you interested in innovation spaces that foster learning and technological development? The Kafue Innovation Center, a maker space that supports technological and innovation development by uniting a community of innovators, is looking for a Research and New Initiatives Intern to help manage center activities and improve its operations and activities.

Learn more and fill out the application for the Research and New Initiatives Intern position here.


Are you interested in working with local entrepreneurs and community members to develop innovations based on the co-creation design process? Twende, an IDIN-affiliated Innovation Center that incubates local entrepreneurs and community members’ projects, is hiring for multiple positions!

Brief internship descriptions are as follows:

Go-To-Market Strategists will help Twende scale-up their low-cost drip irrigation kit for wide distribution.

Curriculum Builders will help create additional sessions for their secondary school electronics workshop, which emphasizes experimentation and application of physics principles.

Documentation Interns will create and manage a website that Twende innovators can use to record information abut their projects. 

Communication Interns will help increase communications between diverse individual innovators to strengthen a collaborative entrepreneurial community.

Monitoring and Evaluation Fellows will study the impact of Twende products and educational programs to help Twende offer the best services possible to its community.

Learn more about each position here!