Local Innovation: what it is and why it matters for developing economies

  • Research

This paper shares findings and insights from across IDIN's research program. The paper introduces and clarifies the concept of local innovation and shares two key pathways through which local innovation contributes to local development in the contexts that were included in the research.

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The Role of Academic Makerspaces in Creating Social Impact

  • Presentations & Reports

This paper discusses the role of academic makerspaces in creating social impact, in light of the work done at Makeistan; DLab courses taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Information Technology University (ITU); and the program of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) at Atlas Institute, University of Colorado Boulder.

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The Metrics Café

  • How-to

Funders need impact metrics. Grantees do, too. So who decides what gets measured?

Because funders’ and grantees’ measurement needs clash, they wind up with reporting systems that serve neither. This framework can help reconcile their needs, turning a tangle of metrics into genuine learning.

We explore four models:

  • Prix Fixe: All grantees report on same set of metrics.
  • A La Carte: Grantees choose from a menu of standard metrics.
  • Made-to-Order: Funder and grantee work together to come up with a set of metrics.
  • Bring your Own Lunch: Grantees come with their own metrics.

The framework presents pros, cons, implications and recommendations for each model. Drawing on cases from Root Capital, Development Innovation Ventures at USAID, Mercy Corps’ Social Venture Fund, and the Autodesk Foundation, this framework can help funders decide what model is right for them.

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Zasaka: Impact Evaluation Research Design Recommendations

  • Student Papers

This report was prepared by students in the Fall 2015 D-Lab: Field Research class to provide Zasaka with research design recommendations for their impact evaluation research.


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