IDIN Network Resources

The IDIN Network is made up of more than 1,000 dynamic innovators from around the world who all share a common experience: attending an International Development Design Summit to co-create technologies with communities in developing countries.

After a design summit, Network members pursue innovative projects, some from a summit and some of their own creation. IDIN provides several kinds of support to its growing network, including mentorship, funding, training, and more.

Please note: IDIN support is only available to Network members. To become a Network member, individuals must have attended an International Development Design Summit.

Project Funding

IDIN provides three kinds of funding to support its network members’ work in local innovation.

Microgrants are available twice a year. Awards are available between $500-$2,000. These grants provide IDIN network members with funding and mentorship support to perform a specific task to develop their technology or social venture.

To see if we’re currently accepting microgrant applications, please visit our opportunities page.


Picogrants are available up to one year after a design summit in the communities where a summit has been held, currently in Tanzania and Zambia. These grants are for $50-$300 and provide IDIN network members or community members to continue work on a prototype designed at a summit after the summit is over.

Apply for a picogrant through your local IDIN partner!


D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowships offer one year of support to social entrepreneurs bringing technology-based, poverty-alleviating products and services to scale. D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellowships are typically $20,000 and include access to customized mentoring.

Learn more about the D-Lab Scale-Ups program.


Educational & Capacity Development

IDIN offers special scholarships and educational opportunities to its network members through its academic partners.

Designer-in-Residence at MIT D-Lab: IDIN Network members from developing countries can apply to the Designer-in-Residence program at MIT D-Lab to mentor and co-create with students, prototype and test their own innovations in our workshop, and interact with the larger MIT community.

Questions? Email IDIN Network Coordinator Jona Repishti.

Technical & Business Support

IDIN connects its Network members to technical and business development support through a variety of channels.

Student support: IDIN Network members often work with student teams (generally 4-6 students) from IDIN’s academic partner institutions. Students come a variety of disciplines including engineering, business, and the humanities, and can support a project on the ground or virtually. 

Mentorship program: IDIN matches its Network members with experts in the network who can guide projects along the innovation pipeline by leveraging their technology or business savvy. 

Peer support: IDIN also offers multiple communications channels for its Network members to provide support to one another. All Network members have access to the IDIN Directory, which facilitates connections, introductions, and knowledge sharing across the Network.

Want to request the support of a student team or mentor? Email IDIN Network Coordinator Jona Repishti. 

Local Chapter Support

IDIN supports the creation of local chapters, which currently exist in Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. Local chapters are comprised of Network members who live in a specific country. Small funding is available for local chapters to host events and meetings to enable collaboration on innovative projects. 

If you’re interested in joining or organizing a local chapter, please email IDIN Network Coordinator Jona Repishti. 

Access to Innovation Centers

IDIN’s innovation centers are maker spaces connecting network members to resources and training to develop technology with a social impact.  

IDIN innovation centers are currently up and running in Brazil, Tanzania, and Uganda.