Connections to the Network

Need some help with your IDDS?  There are over 800 members in our network in nearly 65 countries with a diverse set of skills and experiences.  Over 150 of them have been organizers before and are eager to support you with whatever requests you may have.  If you ever need more hands or more support of any kind, you can reach out to the network though any of these platforms and people are always happy to help!

IDDS All Facebook Group Page - an active platform for general requests to all IDIN network members.

IDIN Hylo Page - an dynamic platform for specific project support requests to all IDIN network members.

IDIN Network Directory - a searchable database for all IDIN network members.  You must log-in first at prior to accessing the directory.

IDDS Committee - the 8-member global steering committee for IDDS who support all IDDSs and can connect you with the right local chapters or people you are looking for.