Our Consortium Partners

IDIN is a global consortium of academic, institutional, and innovation center partners. IDIN’s partners use their diverse expertise to support IDIN in many ways:

Academic Partners

IDIN’s academic partners develop and deliver curriculum, conduct research, and advance promising technologies in classes and during field visits.

Institutional Partners

IDIN’s institutional partners provide support to local innovators and communities to enable technology development and dissemination in developing countries.

Innovation Centers

IDIN-supported innovation centers are maker spaces that connect innovators to resources and training to develop technology with a social impact.


Innovation Centers

Arusha, Tanzania

Twende is an IDIN-supported innovation center in Arusha, Tanzania dedicated to alleviating poverty through the design, development, and dissemination of appropriate technologies. Twende welcomes local innovators to benefit from its workshop space, tools, and guidance from trained design instructors.

Contact: Twende Director of Development Deborah Tien 

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