IDDS Prep Videos

Experience has shown that organizing an IDDS takes at least a year of collaborative volunteer work to plan and prepare.  Without good guidance, the process can be like walking through the wilderness in a group: enjoyable, but unnecessary long and potentially exhaustive without a clear vision.

We developed a simple, IDDS Prep Video series to help you learn from past IDDSs and prepare for your IDDS.  Inside each video we've inlcuded data, how-tos, examples, and best practices we've gleaned from IDDSs over the past decade from all around the world.  Each video is about 15-25 minutes and contains links to futher information.  

For more resources on preparing for an IDDS, check out the Organizer Hangouts page or contact the IDDS Steering Committee at

Watch all 10 videos to begin preparing for your IDDS:

Download all IDDS Prep Video PPT slides here.