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Are you interested in working with local entrepreneurs and community members to develop innovations based on the co-creation design process? Twende, an IDIN-affiliated Innovation Center that incubates local entrepreneurs and community members’ projects, is hiring for multiple positions!

Brief internship descriptions are as follows:

Go-To-Market Strategists will help Twende scale-up their low-cost drip irrigation kit for wide distribution.

Curriculum Builders will help create additional sessions for their secondary school electronics workshop, which emphasizes experimentation and application of physics principles.

Documentation Interns will create and manage a website that Twende innovators can use to record information abut their projects. 

Communication Interns will help increase communications between diverse individual innovators to strengthen a collaborative entrepreneurial community.

Monitoring and Evaluation Fellows will study the impact of Twende products and educational programs to help Twende offer the best services possible to its community.

Learn more about each position here!


Are you passionate about using technology to solve energy access problems and thus economically empower local communities? Community Edge Enterprises, a social enteprise that has developed the IEsteem Briquetting Project  to increase the transfer, adoption, and utilization of briquettes in Zambia, is looking for a Production Process Officer and Communications Officer! 

Learn more about the Production Process Officer position and apply here.

Learn about the Communications Officer position and apply here.



Are you passionate about design education and working with youth? Are you also interested in gaining first-hand experience working with with IDIN Innovators and Network members? FENTECS is now looking for a FENTECS Steam Education Wizard and FENTECS Creative Director to help in organizing FENTECS, a day-long that promotes creative thinking and innovation in science and technology to help children and youth  address topics that they consider relevant in their community. 

Learn more about the FENTECS STEM Education Wizard position and fill out the application here.

Learn more about the FENTECS Creative Director position and fill out the application here!


Good Nature Agro (formerly Zasaka) is a fast-growing agricultural enterprise that works with small-scale farmers in Zambia to generate more sustainable income. Good Nature is currently looking for a Regional Hub Manager to help this growing enterprise expand its impact within the Eastern Province of Zambia. 

Interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity? Learn more and apply for the Regional Hub Manager position here.


Are you passionate about teaching engineering in a developing country context? Would you like to teach others about engineering's role in sustainable community development? The University of Colorado's Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities is now looking for a nontenure track instructor to teach MA students about engineering fieldwork methods and concepts related to sustainable community development. (Note that this position requires a graduate degree in engineering.)

Applications are currently being reviewed, so hurry on and click this link to learn more and apply for this position!


Looking for a student, fellow or practitioner that can bring skills, energy, and ingenuity to your project? Recruiting to fill a job or internship, or looking for some consultation and advice? IDIN can help you recruit individuals with experience or interest in innovation, design, global development, or social enterprise, and may be able to provide seed funding if a match is made. A student, fellow, or consultant may help develop your operations, write a business plan, prototype new technologies, expand your services, or assess your effectiveness.

Apply now to see if your project is a good fit for student, consultant, or fellow support through IDIN's matchmaking initiative.



Looking for valuable insights into an expanding social enterprise’s operations? Are you passionate about improving access to agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers? 

IDIN Network Member Agriworks, an agricultural technology company that offers irrigation technologies to smallscale commercial farmers,  is currently hiring for multiple positions! Be a part of this exciting stage in Agriworks' development and apply now for Agriworks' Business Development Consultant and Lead Technical, Engineering Fellow, and Administrative Assistant positions! 

Learn more about the Business Development Consultant position and fill out the application here.

Learn more about the Lead Technical and Engineering Fellow position here.

Learn more about the Administrative position here!




Are you interested in architecture that utilizes natural building materials? Adobe Bamboo and Research Institute (ABARI) is a socially and environmentally committed research, design, and construction firm that promulgates Nepalese natural building materials into contemporary design practices. Be a part of this innovative initiative and apply for ABARI’s Mechanical Engineer, Civil/Structural Engineer, or Architect positions! 

Please note that these positions are unpaid, but IDIN may be able to contribute a minimal amount of financial support should a successful match be made.

Learn more about the Mechanical Engineer, Civil/Structural Engineer, or Architect positions here.


Are you interested in sustainable development? Are you passionate about the inclusion of local and indigenous communities in sustainable development policy and initiatives? La Mano del Mono, an organization focused on preventing environmental degradation through environmental education and ecotourism, is looking for a Community Manager.

Learn more and fill out the application for the Community Manager position here.

Please note that this position is unpaid, but IDIN may be able to contribute a minimal amount of financial support should a successful match be made.


Are you interested in innovation spaces that foster learning and technological development? The Kafue Innovation Center, a maker space that supports technological and innovation development by uniting a community of innovators, is looking for a Research and New Initiatives Intern to help manage center activities and improve its operations and activities.

Learn more and fill out the application for the Research and New Initiatives Intern position here.