IDDS Cookstoves

IDDS Cookstoves

Aug 1 - 19, 2016
Event Description

IDDS Cookstoves was an intense, hands-on design experience to co-create and improve technologies to address the health and environment challenges faced by the three billion people who cook food with traditional cookstoves or open fires.

IDDS Cookstoves integrated design and innovation expertise, the latest research and development, manufacturing know-how, and user-centered design. Participants also had access to testing facilities, as well as immersion with local communities. The design process that was utilized was also informed by feedback on both performance and usability. The summit brought a diverse set of participants together to develop scalable technologies that are high performing, affordable, and designed to meet user needs.

Projects included:

  • A ceramic stove liner
  • A low carbon monoxide cookstove
  • An in-built mudstove
  • A raised stove with two cooking chambers

Local Host and Organizing Partners: