IDDS 2014 in Tanzania

IDDS 2014 in Tanzania

Jul 1 - 31, 2014
Event Description

IDDS 2014 in Arusha, Tanzania brought together nearly 50 designers, inventors, and innovators from Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Germany, Brazil, the United States, and other countries to create low-cost, practical technologies with the potential to alleviate poverty.

From avocado oil presses and bicycle-powered coffee shellers to anemia testing applications and rainwater harvesting systems, their prototypes spanned a wide-range of practical technologies.

At the end of the summit, participants were introduced to the IDIN Network and the many resources it offers.

Projects included:

  • An avocado oil press and dryer
  • A bicycle-powered coffee bean sheller
  • A rainwater harvesting system
  • A human-powered manure spreader
  • A small-scale hay baler
  • An app-based concept for early detection of anemia in mothers-to-be
  • A bean thresher
  • An innovation toolkit for primary schools

Host: Vocational Education and Training Authority
Partners: IDIN Network members, Twende/AISE!, IDIN Consortium