Essmart Hiring a Project Manager in Bangalore, India

Essmart is a last-mile distribution company that connects 100+ socially impactful, life-improving products (such as solar lanterns, clean cooking appliances, and efficient agricultural tools) to local family-owned retail shops in southern India. Their work directly improves the livelihoods of rural retail shops while at the same time facilitates the impact of hundreds of life-improving products. 

Essmart has been operating out of Bangalore for the past four years. They have a small, diverse core team that functions as equal decision makers (they have a flat hierarchy) and leads the wide variety of tasks that make them function. 

They are currently looking for someone to join their Bangalore-based core management team, starting in a Project Manager role with opportunities to grow from there. The overview of the role is attached.

If you or someone you know is interested, please email Essmart at with the subject "Project Manager".